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Social Networks And Your Business

Facebook was the very first social network which had a marketing potential. Its origins go back to 2004, though it was originally available only for US college students. In 2006, everybody could get an account – and the rest is history (1 billion people used Facebook in 2012). Facebook was of course soon followed by other important services such as Twitter, Flickr for images or Youtube for videos.

People love these networks. They log in every day and spend hours browsing content and chatting with friends. Corporations soon realized the incredible (and at the time, still untapped) potential for a new way of marketing. Social media give your business a unique chance to have a conversation with your customers, to make them feel like a part of your brand or even to enable people to contribute to the development of your goods and services via valuable feedback.

People are annoyed by ads in TV and they usually ignore billboards or banners on the internet. If done properly, a marketing campaign in social media will spread like wildfire. Potential customers will be captivated by the advertisement. They will happily do the work for you and spread the word further to their peers.

But it would be folly to think setting up such a campaign is an easy task. As with so many branches in internet marketing, it is best to let the professionals handle it.

Let's use Facebook as an example. It is one of the most dynamic social networks which week after week presents new and more fascinating ways to promote your goods or services. There are many ways to structure the campaign and bring fans and customers to your page.

That's why you need an experienced partner who will utilize every penny you spend on advertising. We will find out your goals, identify the perfect audience and do the hard work for you – you'll just have to lean back and watch the cash rolling in your bank account.

Let's not forget that successful advertisements in social media can do more than "just" bring a customer – they're nothing less than a revolutionary, fast and informal way of getting in touch with people interested in your product. It beats phone or e-mail because people usually feel very comfortable when they're online on Facebook and they're much more likely to engage in a discussion or even spread the word on their own accord.

Social networks made something new and exciting possible – you can present your business in an almost family-like manner and quickly build a great amount of trust between you and customers. That of course means a considerable cut in costs for aquiring new customers and the speed and effectiveness of social media campaigns can give you the edge over your competition you've been looking for.

Now, pick up the phone, call us today and watch your profits soar within a few months from now!