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Direct Mailing

Make no mistake – Direct Mailing is still very relevant even in 2013 and it plays a pivotal role in several of our successful campaigns. We have a large database of valid e-mail addresses with real people on the other side. Moreover, they have willingly opted into receiving promotional emails, so there's no risk of your offer being associated with spam.

And here's the best part: Direct Mailing is insanely cheap. Your promotional email can land in no less than 1 million inboxes tomorrow – for a fraction of the price you'd have to pay if you went for the more traditional options such as billboards, newspapers, or TV ads.

Direct mailing can and will bring you new customers today! Your offer can reach tens of thousands of people instantenously while they're using their PCs, tablets and mobile devices. We're able to precisely target the most relevant audience thanks to our detailed database and such targeting will exponentially increase the response rate to your campaign.

Looks too good to be true? Contact us right away and you'll find out how a successful campaign feels like!