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Facebook Marketing

Before Facebook's fan base grew massively, it had been very expensive to acquire a customer. If you're still spending massive amounts on banner advertising, we have some bad news: they're nearly obsolete.

Over 70 % of Facebook users are adults making money and they're bound to spend it on your product – provided they know it exists in the first place. Social media advertising gives you a better targeting, more receptive audience and much lower costs compared to traditional advertising.

We've managed tens of corporate profiles for large Czech and international brands ever since Facebook became relevant as a marketing tool. Our clients are very happy with the ROI of their Facebook campaigns and when they see the huge initial success of the first campaign, we're usually entrusted with management of the entire social media presence.

If you're not sure Facebook is a good advertising tool for you, you'll be pleased to hear you can get a consultation free of charge – we'll sit down together over a cup of coffee and find out if Facebook can be of any help to your business.

Other clients reaped the benefits of:
  • well targeted PPC campaigns
  • contests, quizzes etc.
  • viral Facebook apps
  • experienced corporate profile management

Most of your competitors are stuck in the past and neglect the huge perks of advertising in social media. Make your move today and build a wide audience of customers who endorse your goods or services – and for laughable costs!