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Facebook Business Page

Corporate profiles in social media are on the rise, especially because many customers will be severely disappointed if you don't have one. Seeing your competition is probably taking advantage of all the perks Facebook marketing brings, neglecting this channel can cost you a lot of money – even if your goods or services are superior in every other way.

Creating Corporate Facebook Profile

It is the first step towards your identity on this social network. Potential customers will be able to "like" it and when they do, they will see all updates from your company on their personal timeline (i.e. every time they visit Facebok and log in).

Your corporate page isn't primarily about selling – instead, you're building trust with your audience. When you're successful, your fans will start suggesting your content to their peers; and as we all know, no advertising method can match something as simple as a recommendation from your friend.

Another significant perk of this channel is a somewhat less formal environment. People can get instant replies from your company and it beats the more traditional ways (such as e-mail or even a call to the support center) all across the board. Corporate profile lets people in and allows them to feel like a part of your project – and if done right, they will become vivid fans of your brand and eventually, valued and returning customers.

Great attitude and good content often aren't enough – and that's why you should call us and let us grow your fan base for you. What's more, your corporate profile is a valuable resource for analyzing your fans, which in turn leads to better targeted campaigns in the future.

What Can We Do For Your Brand?
  • Set up and manage your Facebook corporate profile.
  • Acquire real and interested fans.
  • Devise a Facebook marketing strategy.
  • Link your website to your Facebook profile.
  • Introduce you to a wider audience through contests.

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